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Re: [Linux-cluster] standard mechanism to communicate between cluster nodes from kernel

Aneesh Kumar wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was trying to understand whether there is a standard set of API we
> are working on for communicating between different nodes in a cluster
> inside kernel. I looked at ocfs2 and the ocfs2 dlm code base seems to
> use tcp via o2net_send_tcp_msg and the redhat dlm seems to sctp. There
> is also tipc (net/tipc) code in the kernel now ( I am not sure about
> the details of tipc). This confuses me a lot. If i want to use all
> these cluster components what is the standard way. I am right now
> looking at clusterproc
> (http://www.openssi.org/cgi-bin/view?page=proc-hooks.html ) and
> wondering what should be the communication mechanism.  clusterproc was
> earlier based on CI which provided a simple easy way to define
> different cluster services( more or less like rpcgen style
> http://ci-linux.sourceforge.net/ics.shtml ). Does we are looking for a
> framework like that ?
> NOTE: I am not trying to find out which one is the best. I am trying
> to find out if there is a standard way of doing this

I'll repeat the reply I sent you you when you asked me this via private email,
just for the record...

   I think you've answered your own question. each cluster manager has its own
   way of communicating between nodes.

   As for which is best, That depends on what you mean by "best". There are
   lots of variables in cluster comms. Do you want speed? reliability?
   predictability? ordering?"



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