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Re: [Linux-cluster] Order of execution


The start/stop orders are defined in /usr/share/cluster/service.sh
look under the special tag, there should be a child tag for each type of
child node of service.

Mine looks like so (current rgmanager rpm from RHN): 
        <child type="fs" start="1" stop="8"/>
        <child type="clusterfs" start="2" stop="7"/>
        <child type="netfs" start="3" stop="6"/>
        <child type="nfsexport" start="4" stop="5"/>

        <child type="nfsclient" start="5" stop=""/>

        <child type="ip" start="6" stop="2"/>
        <child type="smb" start="7" stop="3"/>
        <child type="script" start="7" stop="1"/>

For starting, fs should start first, then clusterfs, etc... finally smb
and script start.

For stopping, script would be stopped first, then ip, etc... finally fs.

Eric Kerin
eric bootseg com

On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 15:16 -0500, JACOB_LIBERMAN Dell com wrote:
> Hi cluster geniuses,
> I have a quick question. 
> I am trying to write a custom startup script for an application called
> adsi rms.  The application comes with its own startup script that
> requires the disk resource and network interface. Here is my question:
> When I create a custom startup script for the service and place it in
> /etc/init.d/, the cluster service can start the application successfully
> but not all services come online because the shared disk and IP do not
> appear to be available when the service starts.
> Is there a way to set the order of execution for a service so that the
> application will not start until AFTER the disk and network interface
> are available?
> Thanks again, Jacob
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