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[Linux-cluster] GNBD, CLVM and snapshots

I'm wanting to use gnbd with clvm to export block devices for 3 (possibly more) hosts running Xen. Each host will have access to the single gnbd export with LVM. Only a single host will ever actually have the device mounted. GNBD can support live migrations with a block device, which is the main attraction.

So a little info on Xen and what I want to do. There are dom0's (privileged VM) that have full access to any running domU (VM instances started by the dom0.) The dom0 will be running clvm/CCS/gnbd-Client/etc. The dom0 will start a domU that mounts the lv, only the dom0 needs direct access to this resource. In this configuration, would it be possible to take snapshots of the LV from the dom0? What about from another dom0 in the cluster? What about the gnbd-server?

Is work still be done on csnap? There isn't much documentation on this, and it seems like it might be GFS specific.

If this won't work with clvm and gnbd, is there an alternative that would work? I really want to be able to do snapshots and live migration with block devices. I'm not sure this is possible. I may fallback to only live migrations with gnbd if I have to.

Finally, ideally this would be backed by DRBD, but can gnbd handle a primary/secondary role instead of doing multipath (which won't work with drbd.) Failover mode was mentioned in posts from over a year ago, and it sounds promising.
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