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Re: [Linux-cluster] RE: CS4 Update2 / cman systematically FAILED on service stop /// New question ///

Alain Moulle wrote:
> I've identified the problem : in fact, that was due to
> a process launched via the SERVICE script, but which
> was not stopped on clusvcadm -s SERVICE (or -d) .
> Then, on service cman stop, the modprobe -r dlm was successful
> but at the end of this modprobe -r, the lsmod
> indicates one user left on cman :
>    cman                  136480  1
> but without user identification (such as "cman 136480  10 dlm" when cs4
> is all active).
> So the modprobe -r cman was then impossible.
> Could someone explain to me the link between a process
> managed in the SERVICE script and the remaining 1 user
> on cman ?

There's no direct link. The usage count on cman is simply the number of links
to it. They could be kernel or userspace users.

In this case it could be CCS. Even if the cluster isn't operating, ccs polls
the cluster manager to see if has come back up.



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