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Re: [Linux-cluster] Using GFS with vanilla kernel (2.6.16)

Ugo PARSI a écrit :

For the problem with dlm.h i found this:

The link is dead :(

Link is dead ?
It works perfectly for me...

Seems that dlm.h is provided by dlm-kernel-debuginfo

I've installed two packages on Debian

# apt-cache search dlm
libdlm-dev - Distributed lock manager - development files
libdlm0 - Distributed lock manager - library

Here's all I've got :

# locate dlm.h

I'm trying your package, but I suppose it's redhat-only...



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I suppose you can try to get this RH package and unpack it to get files and put them where they should be...

Jerome Castang
mail: jcastang adelpha-lan org

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