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Re: R: [Linux-cluster] CS4 U2 / problem to configure a 3 nodes cluster

Alain Moulle wrote:
>> Maybe this time is due to a firewall setup, as already stated on the list. A
>> tcpdump from yack10 to the other nodes may help you catch the bug.
>> Leandro
> No firewall setup on yack10, neither on yack21 nor yack23. Besides
> the ssh connections are all valid between the three nodes in all
> combinations without passwd request. And still the problem ...
> Any other idea ?
> Is my cluster.conf correct ?
> Besides, with regard to you first answer, I've tested on yack21 and yack23 :
> if I start cman only on yack21, it does end in timeout.
> And if I start cman quite at the same time on yack21 and yack23, it
> works on both nodes.
> I haven't found in documentation any recommandation about this point.
> Besides, if one node is breakdowned, that mean that we will never be
> able to reboot the other node and launch the CS4 again with all
> applications ... sounds strange, doesn't it ?

Can you be a little clearer exactly what you mean by this? and post some exact
messages please. It's not clear to me now just what your problem is.

>From your initial post it sounded like the nodes in the cluster were forming
separate clusters, but that last sentence makes it sound like you're seeing
something else.



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