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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cisco fence agent

I do not know if this will help, but here is what I put together.

We have 3 Cisco 3750 switches.  I am currently using SNMP to turn off the ports of a host that is being fenced.  I wrote a perl script called fence_cisco that works with GFS 6.  I have attached a copy of fence_cisco to this message and its config file.  I do not have much in the way of documentation for it, and it will probably take some hacking to get it to work with a current version of GFS.  If you know a little perl, writing a fencing agent is not very difficult.

I have also included a copy for the config file for fence_cisco.  The first two lines specify the SNMP community string and the IP address for the switch.  The rest is a list of hosts and the ports they use.  You will have to talk to your local network guru to figure out Cisco community strings and the numbers involved.  It took some tinkering to figure out how Cisco does this stuff, and even after writing the code, I am still not sure that I understand it.  I do know that it does work, GFS does do the correct things during a crash.

Most people use one of the power supply switches.  Redhat provides the fence_apc agent that will turn off the power to a node that needs to be fenced.  I like the network option because the host that is having problems will be able to write log entries after it has been fenced.

You will need to get the Net::SNMP module from cpan.org to use fence_cisco.

On Sun, 2006-04-09 at 01:23 +0900, 中野猛 wrote:
Hi all.
Do anyone have cisco catalyst fence agent?
If nobody make that, I will make.


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