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Re: [Linux-cluster] cluster-1.02.00

David Teigland wrote:
A new source tarball from the STABLE branch has been released; it builds
and runs on 2.6.16:


Version 1.02.00 - 10 April 2006
  dlm-kernel: Allow DLM to start if the node gets a different nodeid.
  dlm-kernel: Add WARNING printk when cman calls emergency_shutdown.
  dlm-kernel: The in_recovery semaphore wasn't being released in corner case
  where grant message is ignored for lock being unlocked.
  dlm-kernel: Remove an assertion that triggers unnecessarily in rare
  cases of overlapping and invalid master lookups.
  dlm-kernel: Don't close existing connection if a double-connect is
  attempted - just ignore the last one.
  dlm-kernel: Fix a race where an attempt to unlock a lock in the completion
  AST routine could crash on SMP.
  dlm-kernel: Fix transient hangs that could be caused by incorrect handling
  of locks granted due to ALTMODE. bz#178738
  dlm-kernel: Allow any old user to create the default lockspace.  You need Udev
  running AND build dlm with ./configure --have_udev.
  dlm-kernel: Only release a lockspace if all users have closed it. bz#177934
  cman-kernel: Fix cman master confusion during recovery. bz#158592
  cman-kernel: Add printk to assert failure when a nodeid lookup fails.
  cman-kernel: Give an interface "max-retries" attempts to get fixed after
  an error before we give up and shut down the cluster.
  cman-kernel: IPv6 FF1x:: multicast addresses don't work.  Always send out
  of the locally bound address. bz#166752
  cman-kernel: Ignore really badly delayed old duplicates that might get
  sent via a bonded interface. bz#173621
  cman-kernel: /proc/cluster/services seq_start needs to initialise the pointer,
  we may not be starting from the beginning every time. bz#175372
  cman-kernel: Fix memory leak when reading from /proc/cluster/nodes or
  /proc/cluster/services. bz#178367
  cman-kernel: Send a userspace notification when we are the last node in
  a cluster. bz#182233
  cman-kernel: add quorum device interface for userspace
  cman-kernel: Add node ID to /proc/cluster/status
  cman: Allow "cman_tool leave force" to cause cman to leave the cluster
  even if it's in transition or joining.
  cman: Look over more than 16 interfaces when searching for the broadcast
  cman: init script does 'cman_tool leave remove' on stop
  cman: add cman_get/set_private to libcman
  cman: add quorum device API to libcman
  gfs-kernel: Fix performance with sync mount option; pages were not being
  flushed when gfs_writepage is called. bz#173147
  gfs-kernel: Flush pages into storage in case of DirectIO falling back to
  BufferIO.  DirectIO reads were sometimes getting stale data.
  gfs-kernel: Make sendfile work with stuffed inodes; after a write on
  stuffed inode, mark cached page as not uptodate.  bz#142849
  gfs-kernel: Fix spot where the quota_enforce setting is ignored.
  gfs-kernel: Fix case of big allocation slowdown.  The allocator could end
  up failing its passive attempts to lock all recent rgrps because another
  node had deallocated from them and was caching the locks.  The allocator now
  switches from passive to forceful requests after try_threshold failures.
  gfs-kernel: Fix rare case of bad NFS file handles leading to stale file
  handle errors. bz#178469
  gfs-kernel: Properly handle error return code from verify_jhead().
  gfs-kernel: Fix possible umount panic due to the ordering of log flushes
  and log shutdown.  bz#164331, bz#178469
  gfs-kernel: Fix directory delete out of memory error.  bz#182057
  gfs-kernel: Return code was not being propagated while setting default
  ACLs causing an EPERM everytime. bz#182066
  gulm: Fix bug that would cause luck_gulmd to not call waitpid unless
  SIGCHLD was received from the child. bz#171246
  gulm:	Fix problems with host lookups.  Now try to match the ip if we are
  unable to match the name of a lock server as well as fixing the expiration
  of locks if gulm somehow gets a FQDN. bz#169171
  fence/fenced: Multiple devices in one method were not being translated
  into multiple calls to an agent, but all the device data was lumped together
  for one agent call. bz#172401
  fence/fence_apc: Make agent work with 7900 series apc switches. bz#172441
  fence/fence_ipmilan: fixes for bz#178314
  fence/fence_drac: support for drac 4/I
  fence/fence_drac: interface change in drac_mc firmware version 1.2
  fence: Add support for IBM rsa fence agent
  gnbd-kernel: gnbd_monitor wouldn't correctly reset after an uncached gnbd had
  failed and been restored. bz#155304
  gnbd-kernel: kill gnbd_monitor when all uncached gnbds have been removed.
  gnbd: changes to let multipath run over gnbd.
  gfs_fsck: Fix small window where another node can mount during a gfs_fsck.
  gfs_fsck: gfs_fsck crashed on many types of extended attribute corruptions.
  gfs_fsck: Check result code and handle failure's in fsck rgrp read code.
  gfs_fsck: fix errors checking large (multi-TB) filesystems. bz#186125
  gfs_edit: new version with more options that uses ncurses.
  ccs: Make ccs connection descriptors time out, fixing a problem where all
  descriptors could be used up, even though none are in use.
  ccs: Increase number of connection descriptors from 10 to 30.
  ccs: Ignore SIGPIPE, don't catch SIGSEV, allowing for core dumps.
  ccs: endian fixes for clusters of machines with different endianness
  ccs: Fix error printing. bz#178812
  ccs: fix ccs_tool seg fault on upgrade. bz#186121
  magma-plugins/sm: Fix reads of /proc/cluster/services. bz#175033
  magma-plugins/gulm: Fix clu_lock() return value that resulted in
  "Resource temporarily unavailable" messages at times. bz#171253
  rgmanager: Add support for inheritance in the form "type%attribute"
  instead of just attribute so as to avoid confusion.
  rgmanager: Fix bz#150346 - Clustat usability problems
  rgmanager: Fix bz#170859 - VIPs show up on multiple members.
  rgmanager: Fix bz#171034 - Missing: Monitoring for local and cluster fs's
  rgmanager: Fix bz#171036 - RFE: Log messages in resource agents
  rgmanager: Fix bz#165447 - ip.sh fails when using VLAN on bonded interface
  rgmanager: Fix bz#171153 - clustat withholds information if run on multiple
  members simultaneously
  rgmanager: Fix bz#171236 - ia64 alignment warnings
  rgmanager: Fix bz#173526 - Samba Resource Agent
  rgmanager: Fix bz#173916 - rgmanager log level change requires restart
  rgmanager: Fix bz#174819 - clustat crashes if ccsd is not running
  rgmanager: Fix bz#175106 - lsof -b blocks when using gethostbyname causing
  slow force-unmount when DNS is broken
  rgmanager: Fix bz#175108 - rgmanager storing extraneous info using VF
  rgmanager: Fix bz#175114 - rgmanager uses wrong stop-order for unspecified
  resource agents
  rgmanager: Implement bz#175215: Inherit fsid for nfs exports
  rgmanager: Fix bz#175229 - remove unneeded references to clurmtabd; it is no
  longer a necessary piece for NFS failover
  rgmanager: Fix bz#176343 - __builtin_return_address(x) for x>0 is never
  guaranteed to work
  rgmanager: Ensure rgmanager doesn't block SIGSEGV when debug is not enabled.
  rgmanager: Fix bz#172177, bz#172178
  rgmanager: Allow scripts to inherit the name attr of a parent in case the
  script wants to know it. bz#172310
  rgmanager: Fix #166109 - random segfault in clurgmgrd
  rgmanager: Fix most of 177467 - clustat hang

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It would be nice to have the rpm for FC4 from this new update.

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