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Re: [Linux-cluster] CS4 Update 2 / cluster 3 noeuds question

Alain Moulle wrote:
> Hi
> Finally I've found the problem (a bad alias in /etc/hosts !).
> But I've another question :
> As told before, I have yack10 and yack23 with each one a service
> to run, and yack23 as backup for both nodes (see attached cluster.conf)
> I've tested with a poweroff on yack10 and the service
> is well failoverd on yack23. But then I tried to
> do poweroff on yack21, but it does not failover
> because "missing two many heart beats".
> I suspect that it is normal because we have only
> one node left among the three, and so there is
> not enough votes ...
> But I would like to have a confirmation ?

Yes, that's correct. If you have a three-node cluster then there needs to be
two active nodes for it to have quorum. Otherwise single nodes could split
form "clusters" on their own and corrupt the filesystem (in the case of GFS)

> And if so, is there a way to configure so that
> yack23 could failover the services of both
> other nodes stopped at the same time ?



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