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Re: [Linux-cluster] a doubt on quorums

Kumaresh Ponnuswamy a écrit :
I have a problem with my cluster and quorum settings and any help will be appreciated. I have a five node cluster with quorum vote of 1 for all the 5 nodes. They have a GFS shared file system on all the five nodes, and, two domains and two services involving two nodes. When I shut down the 3 nodes that don't participate in the two domains and clustered services, both the services stop and fail to start when tried manually also. I guess it is something to do with the quorum settings, but not sure on the way forward. The environment is on RHEL AS 4U2 with GFS 6.1 and RHCS 4U2. Regards,

If you have 3 nodes of 5 falling down, your cluster becomes a two node cluster. So, as it is written in documentation, it's a "special cluster" and it has to be specified (in cluster.conf or by this command "can_tool join -2") When you have a two node cluster, it is possible that each node is isolated (this is the "splitbrain" ).

mail: jerome castang adelpha-lan org

Comme le dit un vieu proverbe chinois: RTFM !

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