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Re: [Linux-cluster] RE: how to dis-allow manual mounting of cluster file system resources?

In your case, I guess removing the SUID on mount for normal users is the best solution.
This is will prevent non root members from mounting the file systesm.

Deval kulshrestha <deval kulshrestha progression com> wrote:
I am using one MSA 500 G2 , two no. of HP DL360 G4P server with HP’s HBA 642, Server installed with RHEL 4 ES U1 and RHCS4 with lock mgr as DLM
I have to run around 14 different services in HA mode, I have break them up in two different priority domain.
Now 7 services runs on node1 in HA mode, node2 is failover host for them,
Remaining  7 services runs on node2 in HA mode and node1 is failover domain for them.
In my scenario Simultaneous logical drive access is not required, thus I am not using GFS here
What ever is needed is configured properly and working fine.
But this cluster is still causes some data inconsistency error if somebody manually mounts the partitions which is already in access by other node.
I understand that this is against the basics of non-shared file system. This can be documented also, but everybody knows that after 2-3 yrs down the line when support staff replaced by new people, when they come in with very limited understanding about the running stuff they can do some mount mistake.(umount is a document screw up, but mount is here undocumented screw up) every body knows mount is just a simple command, it does not harm anything, if I just want to read data mount is ok. But in our case we wanted to restrict other users to use mount command when some logical volume is already mounted on one node.
I want some help on this, when shared file system is not implemented. How we can restrict manual mount of cluster file system resources when its being in use by some cluster services?
Any help would be highly appreciable here.
With regard
Deval K.
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