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[Linux-cluster] CLVM and AoE

Hey All,

I'm currently in process of setting up a Coraid ATA over Ethernet device as a backend storage for multiple systems that export individual partitions to Xen virtual servers. In our discussions with Coraid, they suggested looking into CLVM in order to handle this.

Obviously, I have some questions.. :)

- Has anyone used this kind of setup? I have very little experience with Redhat's cluster management, but have a fairly high level of expertise overall in this arena. - How does management of LVM logical volumes occur? Do we need to maintain one server that administers the volume group?
- What kind of pitfalls should we be aware of?

Can anyone point to any experience or any HOWTO's that discuss setting something like this up?

Here's the setup:

1. Coraid SR1520 configured in one lblade, exported via AoE on a dedicated storage network as one LUN
2. Centos4.2 on all cluster nodes
3. logical volumes get masked when getting passed into Xen, so on the Dom0 controller it should look like /dev/VolGroup00/{xenvmID} (which shows up in the virtual as /dev/sda1) 4. only one host need access to a given logical volume at any given time. If migration needs to occur, the volume should be unmounted and remounted on another physical system. 5. Despite the fact that AoE is a layer 4 protocol, apparently it can coexist with IP on the same network interface, so we can transport cluster metadata over the same interface. Barring that, there is a second (public) interface on each box. 6. We want to avoid a single point of failure (such as a second AoE server that exports luns from lvm lv's)

Thanks in advance..

-=Aaron Stewart
fn:Aaron Stewart
org:FireBright, Inc.
adr:Suite 120-112;;4460 Natomas Blvd.;Sacramento;CA;95835;US
email;internet:aaron firebright com
title:Director of Engineering

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