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RE: [Linux-cluster] [OT] Serial Connection to MSA1000

Turn off flow control if it's on, save the config as default and restart

Also, make sure you are using the HP supplied cable and not some one off
or general serial cable. In true HP form, it's a custom cable... 

If that doesn't work, here are some things to check..

1. The HP cable is plugged into the _front_ of the MSA (the back is all
2. Make sure your serial port is not being used by something else (serial
3. umm, I dunno, these are pretty simple...

Good luck



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Hi All,

I'm assuming that most of us on this list have used HP MSA kit, so excuse me
a slightly off-topic question!

I've got a cluster connected to an MSA1000, but want to make some changes on
the MSA1000 itself.

I've got a dumb terminal that runs procom, but its pretty horrid, so I've
connected the controller direct to the serial port of one of the linux
machines to use minicom.

As per HP's documentation, I've set it up as:

pr port             /dev/ttyS0
pu baudrate         19200
pu bits             8
pu parity           N
pu stopbits         1

However, I get no response.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?  Anyone got this working?


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