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RE: [Linux-cluster] Order to Power Up


In what order are you currently bringing them up?  The client (non-lock
master) servers will wait for 600s (default timeout) until a master lock
server is available to handle the locking.  If one becomes available in
that time frame lock_gulmd will start.  If one does not become available
the lock_gulmd process will time out based on the aforementioned value
and the cluster won't be able to start.

If all 3 servers are down you should likely power on the lock server and
then a moment later power on the client (GFS mounting) servers.



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Hi All,

I've had to power down all the machines in a GFS 6.0 cluster - 2 nodes
and a lock_gulmd qurum server.

If I bring them up one at a time, the first server will hang waiting
to start lock_gulmd.  What's the best way to do this, and the  best

Should I bring them up in single user mode first and then start the
services manually?


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