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RE: *SPAM* Re: [Linux-cluster] Cluster node not able to access all cluster resource

if you are using fibre based storage solution , you can configure either
zoning on switch level or 
Lun Masking at HBA-> logical Volume level. That can restrict the access path
for nodes. It's a kind of LUN access security mechanism.

Deval K.

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On Sat, 2006-04-08 at 19:05 +0200, Leandro Dardini wrote:
> The topic is not a problem, but what I want to do. I have a lots of
> service, each on is now run by a two node cluster. This is very bad due
> to each node fencing other one during network blackout. I'd like to
> create only one cluster, but each resource, either GFS filesystems, must
> be readable only by a limited number of nodes.
> For example, taking a Cluster "test" made of node A, node B, node C,
> node D and with the following resources: GFS Filesystem alpha and GFS
> Filesystem beta. I want that only node A and node B can access GFS
> Filesystem alpha and only node C and node D can access GFS Filesystem
> beta.
> Is it possible?

You can just mount alpha on {A B} and beta on {C D}, but I don't think
there is an easy way to forcefully prevent mounting alpha on {C D}
currently; someone else might know better.

-- Lon

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