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RE: [Linux-cluster] Clustat in user's profile

It's easy to illustrate, just do a "clustsat -i 1" in one window, then fence
another node from another. The clustat will pause (hang) at one point. Not a
scientific test and probably a situation that would crop up much, but it can 
"pause" under normal use. As far as hanging, well, it's software, which by
very nature can hang. It'll probaly happen right when your showing your boss
new whiz-bang cluster you've been working on :)

Things that can make _anything_ hang of course are slow resolves, interrupted

authentication mechanism (nis or ldap puking or slow) or maybe an NFS mount
is having issues which causes access checks to timeout/fail etc. 

In short, I'm personally not a fan of issueing commands during login scripts.



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Hi All,

On all of my clusters, I have clustat run in the user's profile, so the
status of the cluster is visible whenever someone logs in.

Someone has suggested to me that clustat could hang, and prevent user access.
Is this a valid point?  Under what (if any) circumstances would clustat hang?


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