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[Linux-cluster] New features/architecture ?

Title: New features/architecture ?

I've worked with GFS 6 and 6.1 quite a bit lately and in reading the posts over the last few months, I see a lot
of references to gfs2. I'm not quite sure where it sits in the grand scheme of things other than it's the next big
itteration of gfs as a whole and attepmpts are being made to mearge it into the kernel.

This post has some good info, but not much in the way of specifics http://lwn.net/Articles/150652/

These seem to be all there is as far as a "roadmap" and the OpenAIS link doesn't seem all that descriptive
unless one is a developer.

Is there some point of reference which describes the changes between whats already released and what is
planned? For instance, a post recently mentioned adding openais interfaces/functionality.

Basically I guess I am looking for a roadmap of some sort?



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