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Re: [Linux-cluster] Patch: nodeid based cdpn for GFS shared root

I've only heard in passing, but...

I think that there has been community push back on the cdpn's. I don't think they want them in GFS 2. It may be tough to argue that GFS 1 needs more cdpn capability if it is completely going away in GFS 2. The reason sited against cdpn's was the fact that 'mount --bind' exists. If you could articulate why bind mounts are insufficient for your uses, it may give the community a reason to take a second look at cdpn's.


On Apr 20, 2006, at 3:03 AM, Mark Hlawatschek wrote:


as posted before, we are using GFS for our diskless shared root cluster

In this file system based ssi configurations all servers are “stateless” and
share the same root partition and boot device in the SAN. Server,
infrastructure and storage tier of the diskless shared root cluster can be
scaled independently and incrementally.

As we want to be independent from the servers hostnames at initrd boottime, we wrote a small GFS patch to use cmans nodeid parameter for a context dependent
path name.

I attached the patches to the mail. Note, that the GFS and cman patches are
totally independent from each other and the cman patch is only for user

What do you think about nodeid cdpns ?

The Readme:
1. Reason for the patch
Create context dependent symbolic links (cdsl) dependent to cmans nodeid
E.g. ln -s @nodeid mynode

2. Contents
- cman-kernel-nodeid.patch
Applies against cman-kernel-2.6.9-41
- kernel-nodeid-symlink.patch
Applies against gfs-kernel-2.6.9-42

3. Changes:
3.1 cman-kernel
Added line to proc/cluster/status output. E.g: "Node ID: 4"
3.2 gfs-kernel
Added new parameter for cdsl symlink: @nodeid



Gruss / Regards,

Dipl.-Ing. Mark Hlawatschek
Phone: +49-89 121 409-55

ATIX - Ges. fuer Informationstechnologie und Consulting mbH
Einsteinstr. 10 - 85716 Unterschleissheim - Germany
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