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[Linux-cluster] webfarm and redhat cluster ?

I think I have a misunderstanding  with Redhat cluster suite and webFarm.

I'm testing this scenario :
2 server as load balancer (red hat + piranha)
2 WEB servers behind the balancer connected to a GFS file system.
My goal is to increase the uptime of my websites and to be able to
decrease the servers load by adding a new one if necessary.

At first,  I though that I need to create a cluster for the 2 web
servers. But in this scenario, I cannot have load balancing between the
2 web servers.

So, am I missing something, or my option here is to have 1 load balancer
cluster active/passive (for fail over) and my 2 web servers with a
connection to the GFS file system. So no cluster with those server ?

The problem with that setup is that piranha will see if a server fails
or if httpd fails but not if the GFS fails.

Sorry if it's a newbie question

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