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[Linux-cluster] New APC agent

Hello all,

This is an snmp based fence agent for APC power switches to be used
with RHEL4 Red Hat Cluster Suite.

The reasons to use this agent rather than the current fence_apc agent are:
1) This script has been tested successfully with EVERY powerswitch that
APC currently makes.
2) It will work on many older models that are no longer supported by
APC. I have been told that it even works with the AP9200 switch. Older
switches usually don't do well with the fence_apc script.
3) This agent works with large power switches that have more than 8
outlets. The fence_apc script will also, in the next update -- this
script will work for you now.

If feedback on this beta version of the agent is good, and if ganged
switches can be supported, then this agent may replace fence_apc.

After unpacking the attached tar file, you will find 3 files:

In order to use this agent, you will need to have net-snmp-utils
installed on every node in your cluster. net-snmp-utils is scheduled for
inclusion in the base RHEL distribution for Update 4, and is yummable in

After net-snmp-utils is installed, there will be a directory named:

Place the accompanying powernet369.mib file in this directory.

To use the agent, cp the agent to the /sbin directory on every
cluster node. The interface for the fence_apc_snmp agent is identical to
the existing fence_apc agent, so if you are using APC for fencing in
your cluster, you *could* backup your current fence_apc agent, and
rename this agent from fence_apc_snmp to fence_apc, and it should just work.

NOTE: The fence_apc_snmp agent does not yet support ganged or
'daisy-chained' APC switches.

If you would rather not copy over your fence_apc agent, you can still
use the fence_apc_snmp agent by dropping it into /sbin on every node,
and then defining a <fencedevice> in the cluster.conf file with
as an attribute, and use it that way. Note, please, that the GUI does
not support this agent yet, and you will have to edit your cluster.conf
by hand and then propagate it yourself. If you need help with this,
email me on linux-cluster or at the address below.

Big thanks to Nate Straz who laid the foundation for this agent.

The text of this email can also be found inside the tar file as a README.

Please let me know how this agent works.

Thanks and Regards,


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