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Re: [Linux-cluster] Preventing automatic poweron?

Troels Arvin wrote:
With a Red Hat Cluster Suite for RHEL 4, consisting of two cluster nodes
(for fail-over), using HP ILOs for fencing:

1) Both nodes are shut down, using "poweroff".

2) Node 1 is started by pressing the power button.
   I don't want Node 2 to start yet. <------

3) After a little while, Node 1 fences Node 2, so that Node 2 starts.

How can I prevent this automatic power-on? I mean: Node 1 should be able
to see that Node 2 is currently powered off, so there is no need to fence

Unplug it? the problem is, in a 2-node cluster, node 1 by itself has quorum, so if node 2 is powered off then it considers it dead and tries to revive it by fencing. You either need to bring node 1 back up in "non-cluster mode" (stop cman/rgmanager/etc) or take further steps to prevent node 2 from being powered on.

This is why I prefer external fencing agents - if I manually turn off a node, it stays off ;-)

can you cut off communications to node 2's ILO from node 1 temporarily?
(and programatically? I assume you can physically yank the communications cable, but that's no better than unplugging the node)


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