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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: Preventing automatic poweron?

Troels Arvin wrote:
On Sat, 22 Apr 2006 09:42:17 -0400, Greg Forte wrote:
the problem is, in a 2-node cluster, node 1 by itself has quorum, so if node 2 is powered off then it considers it dead and tries to revive it by fencing

Actually, I think what I want is: Fencing should always result in
poweroff, not reboot. I wonder if there is a clean way to do that?

Rationale: A node should never die. If it does, by definition, an
undefined state has occurred, and I would rather not have such a server
start without having a chance to look into log files, etc.

Check your cluster.conf - it's probably already sending a "poweroff", then a "poweron", like this (for an APC power unit):

   <method name="1">
     <device name="FENCE1" option="off" port="1"/>
     <device name="FENCE1" option="on" port="1"/>

in which case you can just drop the "on" part to achieve the desired result. Otherwise you may need to hack at the fence_ilo script a bit - it's just a perl script.


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