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[Linux-cluster] -P argument to ccsd


Setup: Two-node RHEL 4-based fail-over cluster. The nodes are multi-homed,
i.e. they listen to several network interfaces for various purposes.
Dedicated heartbeat ethernet (cross-over) cabling is used for cluster

I don't like the fact that the cluster-related daemons listen on multiple
network interfaces. One should be sufficient. However, it seems that the
daemons (like ccsd) don't have a parameter to specify which interface to
listen/communicate on. So I thought that I would use iptables to limit
network access to the daemons.

In the manual page for ccsd, the "-P" argument is described. The argument
governs which ports are being used for inter-ccsd communication ("b"),
cluster membership communication ("c"), and administrative programs ("f").
But how are multiple values specified?

Like this?:
 -P b:xxx c:yyy f:zzz

or like this?:
 -P "b:xxx c:yyy f:zzz"

or like this?:
 -P b:xxx -P c:yyy -P f:zzz

Greetings from Troels Arvin

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