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Re: [Linux-cluster] different subnets/ manual fencing

wolfgang pauli wrote:
> Hi,  
> I spent the whole day (sunday) trying to get this working...  
> I guess these two questions might solve the issue.  
> 1. Can I have a cluster span over more than one subnet?  

Yes, but you'll need to configure it for multicas rather than broadcast - and
make sure that any intervening routers are good enough.

> 2. When I try to start the cluster software, I always have to start it on  
> all nodes at the same time. If I don't do it, startup will hang while  
> fenced is starting up. I am using manual fencing. Probably the default  
> configuration. The problem is that some of the nodes produce 
> kernel-panics (when starting cman). 

I'd like to see those please.

so i would like to start the nodes
> one by one and test what the problem is. 
> <fence_daemon post_fail_delay="5" post_join_delay="20"/>  
> ...  
> <clusternode name="eon" votes="1">  
>  <fence> 
>   <method name="1">  
>   <device name="human" nodename="eon"/>  
>   </method>  
>  </fence>  
> </clusternode>  
> ... 
> <fencedevices>  
>  <fencedevice agent="fence_manual" name="human"/>  
> </fencedevices>  



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