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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: CS4 Update 2 / GUI problem ?

Alain Moulle wrote:

Thanks Jim, it was effectively the problem : the second step
about managing the fence for each node was missing (but there
is nothing in documentation about this step and dialog boxes ...)

Another problem/question:
when you have finished the 3 nodes cluster configuration,
and Save the file in /etc/cluster/cluster.conf on local node,
the Icon "Send to Cluster" is not available because the
cs4 is not active at the moment. But with three nodes,
even if you try to start the cs4 on this local node (where
I've done the configuration) , it can't start alone because
the cluster is not quorate ... and you can't start cman
on other nodes, it seems that the start is failed because
of no cluster.conf currently on the node.

So, do we have to do manually the mkdir /etc/cluster on
both other nodes, and scp of cluster.conf towards both nodes ?
Or is there another tip via GUI to start the cs4 on three
nodes despite two nodes have not yet any cluster.conf available ?

Yes, Alain. Currently, you must manually scp the cluster.conf to each node before starting the cluster. This requirement is considered unacceptable, however, and ease of cluster deployment is being aggressively pursued in two projects here.

The first is an app called deploy-tool, which pulls down the necessary RPMs onto the machines desired as cluster nodes, and installs them AND copies a preliminary cluster.conf file to each node. Finally, it starts the cluster service daemons on each node.

The second project with ease of cluster deployment as an important objective is the Conga project. It will provide a remote method for deploying clusters, configuring and monitoring them, and even adding and removing nodes. It will also offer remote storage management and a few other fun things as well.

Conga and deploy-tool are both in active development, and deploy-tool is being beta tested now.



Alain Moullé

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