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Re: [Linux-cluster] mysql and redhat cluster suite?

You can only acheive this using Mysql Cluster, if you are talking about multiple mysql daemons using a shared data store, then I don't think you can acheive this using traditional mysql storage engines,
Also I am just curious to know why do u need this kind of a setup ?? don't get confused with the Redhat Cluster suite's shared storage which uses GFS, and the locking is taken care of by the GFS, where multiple servers can read/write to a shared storage without worrying about conflicts/locking etc. 
Mysql Cluster suite is very analogous  to Redhat Cluster suite in the sense/intention that multiple nodes/daemons/instances can write simultaneously to a shared data store, with the difference that Mysql cluster suite is based on a shared nothing architecture, which has many SQLD nodes (aka servers in redhat) with data on multiple NDBD nodes (aka shared storage in redhat)
Hope this helps
Kishore Jalleda
On 4/25/06, Rick Bansal <rick espresolutions com> wrote:
Did anyone successfully get multiple mysql daemons to run against a shared
data store per Vladimir Grujic suggestion (post Mon,  19 Dec 2005)?  I have
not been able to as yet.

I'm using mysql 4.1 and cannot turn on external-locking.  It looks like the
option has been complied out in the binaries I have.  I'm currently trying
to rebuild from source with the "skip-locking" option removed.  I'll see if
that helps.

If anyone has successfully gotten multiple mysql daemons transacting against
a shared data store, I'd greatly appreciate any advise.  Thanks in advance.

Rick Bansal

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