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[Linux-cluster] MySQL on GFS benchmarks

Hi all,

We did a quick benchmark on our 2 node rhel4 testcluster with gfs and a gnbd storage server. The results were very sad. One of the nodes (p3 1ghz, 512 mb) could run +/- 2400 insert queries per second when running mysqld-max 5.0.20 on a local ext3 filesystem. With a 2 node GFS over GNBD setup and inserts on both nodes at the same time, we only could do 80 inserts per second. I'm very interested in the perfomance others got in a similar setup. Would the performance increase when we use software based iscsi instead of gnbd? Or should we simply buy SAN equipment? Does anyone have statistics to compare a standalone mysql setup to a small gfs cluster using a san?

With best regards,
Sander van Beek


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