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Re: [Linux-cluster] 2nd try: fencing?

> What you use for a fence method all depends on your hardware.  If you
> give a quick explanation of your hardware setup, we might be able to
> help you pick a fence device that will work with what you have already.
> Or if you don't have anything that could be used to block access, you
> might have to buy some network power switches. 

right now, all I have is 2 dell servers in a rack with identical configs. (dual ethernet 
controllers and 1 separate controller for the heartbeat). Both are running 
linux-ha and are both connected to a dell powervault 220S storage array which is configured so 
that both hosts can access the drives concurrently (cluster mode). Im following the instructions 
http://www.gyrate.org/archives/9  and am at step 17.. which says to configure CCS.

I guess we could get an APC power switch, but what would you folks suggest? i.e. what model for 
just a 2 cluster node (each server has 2 power supplies). Or is there a better way?


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