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RE: [Linux-cluster] 2-node fencing question

>> Also is there a way to configure fence_ipmilan in cluster.xml to
>> rather than stop the server?  fence_ipmilan by itself takes the -o
>> option (on,off,reboot)
> I use fence_ipmilan (with CS4 Update 2) it does at
> first poweroff AND then poweron ... except if it does not get
> the off status after the poweroff. (check agent ipmilan.c)

I use fence_ilo and fence_apc (CS4U3) - both first poweroff and then
poweron too. This is only a problem in a two node configuration because
both nodes send the poweroff command and non of them can send the
poweron command because both are down.

The most fence-devices have an option or action tag, that is not
available via the cluster configuration tool. They can be used to force
a reboot (default) or an poweroff. 

<fencedevice action="off" agent="fence_ilo" .../>
<fencedevice agent="fence_apc" option="off" .../>

Maik Zachacker
Maik Zachacker
IBH Prof. Dr. Horn GmbH, Dresden, Germany 

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