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Re: [Linux-cluster] gfs_fsck fails on large filesystem

Robert Peterson wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> The latest gfs_fsck will report the percent complete for passes 1 and 5,
> which take the longest.   It sounds like you're running it in verbose mode
> (i.e. with -v) which is going to do a lot of unnecessary I/O to stdout and
> will slow it down considerably.  If you're redirecting stdout, you can
> do a 'grep "percent complete" /your/stdout | tail' or something similar to
> figure out how far along it is with that pass.
> Only passes 1 and 5 go block-by-block and therefore it's easy to figure
> out how far they've gotten.  For the other passes, it would be difficult to
> estimate their progress, and probably not worth the overhead in terms
> of time the computer would have to spend figuring it out.
> You can get it to go faster by restarting it without the -v, but then it
> will
> have to re-do all the work it's already done to this point.
> Based on what you've told me, it probably will take longer to fsck than
> you're willing to wait.
> Regards,

We have restarted it without the -vs and it does appear to be
progressing much faster.  We'll give it a while...

Stephen Willey

Senior Systems Engineer, Framestore-CFC
+44 (0)207 344 8000

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