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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: E-Mail Cluster

Hi Jan,

I'm searching in google how to convert from mbox to maildir using sendmail/procmail .... i have 3000+ users and something like 70GB of emails and I'll have to test it very well before doing in the production server ....

As soon as i get this things working fine, i'll try gfs and the other cluster stuff ..... I'm thinking on doing something like you said ... 3 nodes running imap/pop/smtp sharing one filesystem probably with gfs where user data will be stored..... I was running slackware but now I'm thinking about something like redhat or centos (will depend on our budget :-) ) to the nodes ....
It'll be easier to keep them up2dated :-)

Any new tips are welcome :-)



Jan-Frode Myklebust wrote:
On 2006-07-31, Nicholas Anderson <nicholas fiocruz br> wrote:
For clustering, I think it would be better to use Maildir-format
for the mailboxes. Then you'll avoid any locking problems on the
mailboxes. New messages can be delivered on one machine while other
messages in the same mail-folder is being deleted on another machine.

If your users are only accessing their email by pop/imap, moving to Maildir shouldn't be any issue. NFS is very single-point-of-failure.. so definately a clusterfs/GFS.
If you can move to Maildir, you should be able to run any number of
servers where each server is running all services (imap, pop and smtp), and incoming traffic is routed to a random server trough f.ex. round
robin dns.

To handle single-node downtime/crash, you'll just need to move the
ip-address to an available node. Easily achivable trough f.ex. heartbeat from linux-ha.org, and probably also RH Cluster Suite..


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