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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: E-Mail Cluster


we had some problems with cyrus-imap on top of gpfs a year ago
concerning mmap files in a simple failover environment.
(see the gpfs-mailinglist)
But with recent versions it works.



>Right now I'm setting up a similar solution to your... trying
>to support up to 200.000 users on a 5 node cluster, using IBM GPFS.
>If sendmail is using procmail to do final mailbox-delivery, I 
>think the configuration change should be primarily putting a '/' 
>at the end of the path, as that should instruct procmail to
>do maildir-style delivery. At least that's how I've been doing
>it in my ~/.procmailrc. Ref. 'man procmailrc'.
>>i have 3000+ users and something like 70GB of 
>>emails and  I'll have to test it very well before doing in the 
>>production server ....
>Sure..  There are a few mbox2maildir converters.. You should probably
>try a few of them and verify that they all give the same result.
>Another thing to check is that your cluster-fs handles your load
>well. My main consern would be how well GFS performs on 
>maildir-style folders, as most cluster-fs's I've seen are optimized
>for large file streaming I/O. If possible, try to keep a lot of 
>file-metadata in cache so that you don't have to go to disk every
>time someone check their maildir for new messages.
>  -jf
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