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Re: [Linux-cluster] Re: E-Mail Cluster

> First of all, you (should) have redundant FC-switches (mulipathing).
> Then, your storage has (should have) multiple controllers. Eg. HP EVA
> series.
> If that isn't enough, there are solution to mirror the storage at the
> hardware-level.
> Usually, this is in the
> "if-you-have-to-ask-it's-probably-too-expensive-for-you-anyway"-pricerange
> and thus only used where the (lack of) downtime is worth the investment.

oops, money is the problem :-P
i work for a government institution ..... in Brazil :-P

> IMO, hardware is very reliable these days (if you choose wisely). Things
> like DRBD seem (to me) only useful in very special cases - and I would
> fear that DRBD might create more problems than it solves.
> In your special case (email), if you can't afford a SAN, get a used
> NetApp and store the maildirs there (qmail-style maildirs). Then
> NFS-mount them on the "cluster-nodes".
> The NetApp is reliable enough for these scenarios and depending on the
> exact model, already contains a lot of redundancy in itself.

i already thought about this ..... its a possibility ....

thanks for the answer ...



Nicholas Anderson
Administrador de Sistemas Unix
LPIC-1 Certified
Rede Fiocruz
e-mail: nicholas fiocruz br

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