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Re: [Linux-cluster] gfs support for extended security attributes


Sorry for the delay.

The current release of GFS (in RHEL3 and RHEL4) does not support SELinux extended attributes.

The code for GFS(1) in cvs HEAD does have support of SELinux. I added this code recently. This should make its way into our released version of GFS in the near future.

GFS2, which is currently in development and being pushed upstream, also has SELinux extended attribute support.

So to answer your questions... No, our current release does not support SELinux. Yes, we do plan to support it and the code is in-place.

Note that anyone who wanted to try using GFS/GFS2 with SELinux attributes may need to make relevant changes to the policy. With that said, I do know for certain that the Rawhide packages do have a policy that define gfs and gfs2 as supported filesystems.


David Caplan wrote:
Does the current release of GFS support extended security attributes for
use with SELinux? If not, are there any plans for support?



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