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RES: [Linux-cluster] DRBD in Active-active mode

Hi everyone,

Lon you are right for the stable version of DRBD the version 0.7. But DRBD actualy has support for active-active setup in the development version 0.8. There is significant changes between this versions, the entire roadmap can be read at:

I have done some investigations and tests with DRBD 0.8 in active-active setup with two nodes and OCFS2 and with GFS. This was for one project i was doing related to oracle Rac 10g. 

I have produced one documentation in portuguese that shows how to setup and use drbd in active-active with ocfs2. the link is: 

I have discovered in my investigations that ocfs2 is more unstable that GFS. I have a several kernel panics with ocfs2 under high loads on the machine, but no one with GFS.  

I have the instalation of GFS documented at, one performance test i have done some time ago: 
(here i use clvm, and gnbd)

The problem of drbd is that actualy you can use just two machines, if you want to use more you need to use the commercial version drbd+. 

Best Regards
Leonardo Rodrigues de Mello
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On Mon, 2006-08-07 at 09:50 +0200, Neo Hill wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> I am still looking on information or documents regarding DRBD in
> active-active mode.
> Does anyone could help me ?
> Thanks a lot.

Fairly certain this is not possible, unless something has changed
recently.  That is, you cannot use DRBD as a distributed concurrently
writable mirror; only one node can be the master of a DRBD device at a

You can do this with GNBD + Cluster Mirroring, though.

-- Lon

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