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RES: cs-deploy-tool (WAS: [Linux-cluster] cs-deploy-gfs)

Thanks for the anwsers :-D 

But I believe beside the fact that conga and cs-deploy-tool share some things in common. cs-deploy-tool has it place for simple and no pain instalation of cluster suite with basic services in one network environment. 

The point that count for me is that i can get anywhere with my laptop and just with the knowledge of IP numbers and root passwords setup one cluster in 10 minutes or less.  

To use conga i need go configure and install zope in one machine, install the agents in the servers that will be in the cluster, configure the zope to see the agents, its more complicated and demands more work for the simple task of cluster instalation and basic initial configuration. 

Conga is one great initiative and complex initiative for managing, deploy, administration, and others thinks for production cluster enviroments. if i need to choose one tool to just deploy cluster suite. i will choose cs-deploy-tool. 

If i need to manage, and be the administrator of a cluster, of course i will need the power of conga. :-D 

this long message is just to ask:  Can I implement the changes i had proposed in the first message ? if, yes  to who i will send they ? 

best regards
Leonardo Rodrigues de Mello
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Leonardo Rodrigues de Mello wrote:

>the application name is cs-deploy-tool, not cs-deploy-gfs. 
>Best Regards
>Leonardo Rodrigues de Mello
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>Assunto:	[Linux-cluster] cs-deploy-gfs
>Hi everyone,
>Does anyone know what happened with the development of cs-deploy-gfs ? 
>The version in cvs is the lastest version ? 
>There is any improvements since the initial version ? 
>This software was abandoned ? 
The functionality available in cs-deploy-tool will be available in a new 
management interface for clusters and storage called Conga, targetted 
for RHEL5 and (hopefully) RHEL4.5


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