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Re: [Linux-cluster] 2-node cluster and fence_drac

I got the following prompts after telneting to the drac port, maybe a simple upgrade for the firmware would fix this issue:
Dell Embedded Remote Access Controller (ERA)
Firmware Version 3.31 (Build 07.15)

On 8/9/06, James Parsons <jparsons redhat com> wrote:
hai wu wrote:

> I got the following errors after "reboot -fn" on erd-tt-eproof1, which
> script do I need to change?
> Aug  9 15:35:40 erd-tt-eproof2 kernel: CMAN: removing node
> erd-tt-eproof1 from t
> he cluster : Missed too many heartbeats
> Aug  9 15:35:40 erd-tt-eproof2 fenced[3437]: erd-tt-eproof1 not a
> cluster member
>  after 0 sec post_fail_delay
> Aug  9 15:35:40 erd-tt-eproof2 fenced[3437]: fencing node "erd-tt-eproof1"
> Aug  9 15:35:42 erd-tt-eproof2 fenced[3437]: agent "fence_drac"
> reports: WARNING
> : unable to detect DRAC version ' Dell Embedded Remote Access
> Controller (ERA) F
> irmware Version 3.31 (Build 07.15) ' WARNING: unsupported DRAC version
> '__unknow
> n__' failed: unable to determine power state
> This is DRAC on Dell PE2650.
> Thanks,
> Hai

Do you know what DRAC version you are using? Can you please telnet into
the drac port and find out what it says when it starts your session?



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