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[Linux-cluster] patch 2.6 kernel without modules

Hi all,

I want to use GFS for a webcluster with shared data through a iSCSI SAN. The cluster nodes are diskless and boot through PXE by downloading a kernel and rootfs that is stored in RAM. I have built a custom minimal Linux system with LFS (http://linuxfromscratch.org) to keep the image as small as possible (the smallest Fedora/RedHat I could get by stripping RPMs was still 650MB).

I would like to work without kernel modules and therefore I would like to know whether it is possible to patch the 2.6 kernel to include GFS 'statically' (i.e. no kernel modules). As far as I cann tell the cluster-1.02.00 package I downloaded builds kernel modules.

In addition I would like to know what minimal requirements I need to use GFS. The load balancing itself will be done on other machines with a different setup. Hence I would like to refrain from installing any of that functionality on the cluster nodes. From reading the docs I get the impression GFS needs a whole lot of clustering packages.


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