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[Linux-cluster] Re: [Cluster-devel] Magma; Magma-plugins

On Thu, 2006-08-10 at 16:04 -0400, Zelikov_Mikhail emc com wrote:
> I was looking for any documentation on Magma API or any Red Hat
> cluster suite API. So far I was only able to find a man page on
> clu_connect, clu_disconnect and clu_get_event. However there many more
> defined in magma.h and magma-build.h. It also looks like there is a
> draft version of Magma man page at the end of magma.h. 
> I am interested in writing a cluster aware application as well as
> defining my own cluster resource.
> Any help would be really appreciated.
>      Thank you,
>      Mike

There really isn't much.

Originally, it was used to provide an API which worked on CMAN and GuLM
clusters.  We've since decided that we did not need two infrastructures,
so we no longer have Magma (in -head; it's still in STABLE and RHEL4

You should use the CMAN API and the DLM API instead of Magma if you need
compatibility between current stable/RHEL4 and future release(s).

-- Lon

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