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[Linux-cluster] Re: USB flash drive no longer mounted read/write under RHEL

On 8/11/06, Cannon, Andrew <Andrew Cannon amecnnc com> wrote:
Hi all,
According to the mtab it is mounted read/write,
the properties box comes up in Gnome as saying that there are rw permissions
on the drive, but that I am not the owner so I can't change any of the
permissions.  I can't even write to it as root.

Yet, I can plug it into my Windows box and write to it to my heart's
content.  Any ideas on why it has suddenly decided to become read only
(there are no switches on it) and what I can do to fix it?



Hi colleague,

please share your comments about this issue. We have a similar problem
in cluster environment where SAN disks get read only (mtab and mount
say rw). We absolutely don't know why this happen. How can we
troubleshoot this?

We opened a ticket at EMC (our SAN provider) and they claim its a RHEL problem.


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