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Re: [Linux-cluster] Two-node cluster fencing each other

For the trail purpose u can use gnbd for gfs. That will be more easy to set up. For that u need to have 3-machones.
U can read the setup instruction form downloaded source (cluster/doc/min-gfs.txt).
With Regards

On 8/10/06, Rico Tsang <rico_tsang macroview com> wrote:

This is my first trial on using Red Hat Cluster Suite and GFS on RHEL4.  I'm trying to setup a two-node cluster.  I've configured the Dell DRAC as the fencing device for both nodes.  When I disconnect the network interface of one of the node, both nodes will try to fence each other.

How can I prevent this?

Suppose, I would like to check whether the router can be pinged before I fence the peer node.  Is it a possible configuration in using Red Hat Cluster Suite?


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