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[Linux-cluster] RH GFS 6.0 and fencing configuration

Dear All,

I am trying to solve a problem regarding one of the fencing method which 
supposed to work without any problem (ILO)

I installed two gfs nodes with RH AS3 U7 and GFS 6.0 latest update, but the 
problem I don't have a sufficient hardware, like the power switches (WTI) or 
additional lock server, I installed, 2  HP DL380, attached on it SAN fibre 
channel storage (QLogic), with  ONE normal pc lock server, it seems working 
fine, but i didn't get how can i configure the fencing device since I have 
only ILO, 

I tried to make one of the scenario if one of the server goes done, what will 
happen, and below the result:

in the beginning of the startup of the all server, everything works perfect, 
loading of the all modules except the daemon " lock_gulmd" doesn't work, it 
looks for the lock server, and the lock server looks for fencing device and 
the method must be used, after certain time out, it fail

Somebody have any idea how can I solve his problem without additional hardware 


Adel Ben Zarrouk
Opennet MEA FZ LLC
Tel: +971 4 390 1943
Fax: +971 4 390 4767

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