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Re: [Linux-cluster] Setting up a GFS cluster

Celso K. Webber wrote:

Maybe a Dell|EMC AX-100 using iSCSI could a better choice with a not so high price tag.

Sorry for the long message, I believe this information can be useful to others.


Please don't apologize, your reply was very informative and you've probably just saved me a big pile of cash :) I've never been happy with the PERC RAID controller that I currently have, and as part of moving to the cluster I intend to use Adaptec stuff all the way. However it sounds like that won't fly with the PowerVault in any case.

I saw the EMC AX-100 but I've got one significant problem with it - the disk storage inside is SATA. The server that I'm dealing with is essentially a build server used to do regular parallel builds, and it may be simultaneously in use at any one time by up to 20-30 users. I've been looking at iSCSI but I find it very strange that nobody seems to sell iSCSI-to-SCSI boxes.

Do you think an SATA-based array is likely to hold up under these conditions ?

A less important reason here is that I've got a bunch of 15000rpm 150GB & 300GB SCSI320 disks connected to the Dell boxen at the moment that I was hoping to reuse. It would be nice to reuse them, but I don't have to.

Thanks again,


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