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[Linux-cluster] No storage cluster configuration

Hello all,

Does anyone from Red Hat would tell me if Red Hat supports a no external storage environment when using RH Cluster Suite and DRDB for replicating data beetween cluster nodes?

When customers come to us arguing that IBM is offering SuSE Cluster solutions without the need of an external storage, we usually tell them to go on if they don't value their data. IBM on its turn tells that DRDB is stable enough for production, even when using Oracle database on top of it.

We have lost some projects because of this "magical solution" of using DRDB instead of an external storage, but we are still against deploying production cluster solutions using DRDB or similar solutions.

So, if we are certain that a DRDB (or similar solution) is supported by Red Hat when used in conjunction with RH Cluster Suite, maybe we could compete with those IBM + Novell SuSE solutions.

Thanks in advance for any help!

*Celso Kopp Webber*

celso webbertek com br <mailto:celso webbertek com br>

*Webbertek - Opensource Knowledge*
(41) 8813-1919
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