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Re: [Linux-cluster] GFS for Linux kernel 2.6.16

On Wednesday 16 August 2006 18:44, you wrote:
> Thomas Karsten wrote:

> > Does the Cluster Project Page provide GFS downloads for other kernel
> > versions than the recent one? If so, where can I find it? 
> No. -rSTABLE works on the kernels it works on. If you need it to work on
> another kernel you'll have to port it yourself ;-)

Does this mean that I just missed the time when the Linux kernel 2.6.16
was the recent one? Is the code nowhere stored, just developed in the

Since the recent kernel version is 2.6.17 I assume that the GFS code was
already developed for 2.6.16. That's why I thought there has to be an
archive of all GFS versions somewhere (that matches the older kernel
versions, because they have been programmed for those in the past). Of
course, then I would not use the latest version of GFS but the version
that has been programmed for kernel 2.6.16.

Is there no other possibility for me than to "downgrade" it on my own


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