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[Linux-cluster] Cluster / GFS FAQ as wiki

hi there Bob

what are the chances of turning your FAQ at http://sources.redhat.com/cluster/faq.html into a wiki version?

This way more of us would be able to contribute.

has this been brought up before?

I know there is a wiki at http://gfs.wikidev.net/Main_Page but it is not actively maintained. Turning the FAQ into a wiki would mean giving up control of your baby, possibly a scary thought. OTOH, since the FAQ is not an official Red Hat resource (or is it), this gives you the flexibility to do something different (like a wiki) as the need arises.

Perhaps splitting off the single page into sepearate pages for the various subsystems/topics might make it more manageable aswell.

Also, a lot of the content which is covered in the FAQ might be of great benefit to the Red Hat Knowledge Base (kbase.redhat.com), and make it more relevant to cs/gfs users. I would hope the KB maintainers would feel comfortable enough to freely borrow from your FAQ in order to populate it.

fn:Riaan van Niekerk
n:van Niekerk;Riaan
org:Obsidian Systems;Obsidian Red Hat Consulting
email;internet:riaan obsidian co za
title:Systems Architect
tel;work:+27 11 792 6500
tel;fax:+27 11 792 6522
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