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Re: [Linux-cluster] Setting up a GFS cluster

On Aug 16, 2006, at 12:33 AM, Brendan Heading wrote:

Celso K. Webber wrote:

Maybe a Dell|EMC AX-100 using iSCSI could a better choice with a not so high price tag. Sorry for the long message, I believe this information can be useful to others.

Please don't apologize, your reply was very informative and you've probably just saved me a big pile of cash :) I've never been happy with the PERC RAID controller that I currently have, and as part of moving to the cluster I intend to use Adaptec stuff all the way. However it sounds like that won't fly with the PowerVault in any case.

I saw the EMC AX-100 but I've got one significant problem with it - the disk storage inside is SATA. The server that I'm dealing with is essentially a build server used to do regular parallel builds, and it may be simultaneously in use at any one time by up to 20-30 users. I've been looking at iSCSI but I find it very strange that nobody seems to sell iSCSI-to-SCSI boxes.

I've read nothing but good reviews of the Coraid AoE systems running in cluster configurations. I'll be setting up one the week of August 28th and I'll let the list know the results.

I saw them yesterday at LinuxWorld Expo. There was quite a buzz about the booth. The EtherBoot folks announced direct support of AoE and everyone I talked to about them had nothing but positive experiences to share.

For shared storage, it's hard to imagine a better price/performance point than AoE.

-- Tom Mornini

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