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Re: [Linux-cluster] Which lock manager to use on a 2-node GFS Cluster?

Celso K. Webber wrote:
Hello all,

Sorry for returning with a similar question: a few weeks ago, Bob Peterson kindly answered a question of mine about selecting the right lock manager. He added this answer to his Cluster Project FAQ:

The FAQ states that Oracle only supports GULM and not DLM.

I had difficulties about setting up GULM under GFS 6.0 (RHELv3 based, Linux kernel 2.4.x) because of the need of an even number of lock managers. The GFS 6.0 manual states that you cannot use 2-node GULM lock managers: http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/csgfs/admin-guide/s1-locl-gulm.html#S2-LOCK-GULM-NUMSVRS

The above section of the manual (section 8.2.2) states that you must have at least 3 GULM lock managers for a high availability locking systems under GFS.

Question: is this still true under GFS 6.1 (RHELv4 based, 2.6.x kernel)? Since Oracle demands GULM, can I have a 2-node GULM GFS locking system on a 2-node GFS Cluster?

If not, which is the best option and which are supported by Red Hat?
a) to have just 1 lock manager in one of the Cluster Nodes;
b) to have just 1 lock manager in a machine outside the Cluster;
c) to have 2 GULM lock manager on the cluster nodes;
d) to have 3 or 5 lock managers using both the 2 cluster nodes and other servers?

Sorry for this recurring question, I wish to make sure of the correct environment I should deploy for a customer who needs GFS (officially licensed from Red Hat).

Thank you all in advance.


PS: I think this could be useful to be in the FAQ. What do you think Bob?

Hi Celso, Hirantha and everyone else,

Riaan's comments are correct (Thanks, Riaan!). I just made changes to the FAQ to hopefully clarify this.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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