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Re: [Linux-cluster] Which lock manager to use on a 2-node GFS Cluster?

Celso K. Webber wrote:
Hi Riaan,

Thank for your excelent explanation!

Now I know I'll have to run an Oracle unsupported environment ... :)

Would someone please confirm if the environment suggested by Hirantha is supported by Red Hat?

* 2 GFS/RAC nodes;
* 2 DLM on RAC/GFS nodes;
* fibre channel external storage.

The above environment is what we usually encounter on our cluster projects. Sometimes Oracle Database is installed as active-passive (not a RAC Cluster). It would be useful to know if Red Hat supports it, even if Oracle does not.

Last question: does Oracle supports a 2-node cluster using DLM for Oracle Database (no RAC, no GFS) when used with RHCS?

Thanks again!

Hi Celso,

Yes, Red Hat will support the configuration you mentioned.
I don't think Oracle will support the DLM locking protocol with RHCS.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat Cluster Suite

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