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Re: [Linux-cluster] Low cost storage for clusters

Patton, Matthew F, CTR, OSD-PA&E wrote:

use Jumbo frames and thruput might be much better. Then again I don't know how iSCSI generates packets. I hope it's not 1 packet per disk block which is typically 512bytes. presumably how many disk blocks / packet is a (auto-)tunable parameter.

I don't know how much of it is tunable. I have to say that I'm very suspicious about the idea of using TCP/IP and all that goes with it to shift disk blocks around. Web servers and higher-latency comms, I can get. But disk blocks with millisecond access times I don't. I'm trying to be objective though, and the consensus is that it seems to work quite well.

switch price matters. But some of the cheepies claim features that the big-names charge 10x as much for which doesn't make sense. I never pay the Cisco tax unless there is a gun to my head.

Well said. But I'm still suspicious. You can get a no-name 24-port web-managed gigabit ethernet switch from Dell for UKP236 at the moment, and that's with two SFPs. There are some people who want several grand for the same number of ports. There's got to be something in it other than an SNMP interface ?

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